Acquisition Services

Customer Acquisition

The Surge Group is home to some of the industry’s most experienced and qualified sales managers.

It is for this reason that we can confidently assign our sales team to any campaign, knowing that they have been trained to the highest standard, and carry the necessary skills to successfully promote our clients and their products.

Donor Acquisition

With over 30 years of experience within the fundraising sector, the Surge Group have become Industry leaders in providing outstanding face-to-face services, with a focus on acquiring high quality, regular-giving donors.

At Surge we understand the importance of securing long term, quality donors, in order for our clients to sustain and achieve their goals.

Client Services

At Surge Direct we believe in providing our Clients with an overall professional, supportive and quality experience. Our staff are given extensive Customer Service and Sales training, to ensure that we can acquire long term, regular giving donors for our Clients.

With our very own in-house Verification team we deliver high quality calling services, tailored data capture and exporting, detailed and customised reporting, as well as attrition and retention analysis. We also offer our support through new channel launches, and assistance on branding materials.

Subcontractor Services

At Surge Direct we offer our Subcontractors shared resources in the areas of Administration, Office Locations and Team Support. All Subcontractors are supplied with the equipment, training, reporting and mentorship required in order to run and maintain a successful business.

We believe in harnessing the existing skills and experience of our Subcontractors, and combining these with our own in order to achieve their full potential.


We offer a wide range of traditional outbound campaigns: Acquisition, Retention & Declines, Upgrades & Reactivation, as well as Out Bequest.

Our contact centre is built on Microsoft Azure’s cloud infrastructure, ensuring we provide a solution that delivers optimum performance while providing business continuity. Most importantly, we believe in forming long term partnership built on trust, understanding and complete transparency and we welcome the opportunity to support your fundraising strategy and help achieve your organisational goals. 

Surge Direct has been a member of the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association since March 2017. During this time the company has demonstrated a commitment to meet the requirements of the PFRA Standard, in order to sustain face to face fundraising in Australia.

Emily Meyer


I always look to better and improve my business in all aspects. Looking back at it, the decision to join forces with the Surge Group was the smartest business decision I’ve ever made. Since all of their systems were already in place, it allowed me to focus on what I personally do best and most importantly for me, enjoy the most. All the back end is taken care of. Surge is the best platform I could wish for to grow my business. The supportive environment, the care factor and the one-on-one mentorship from the best in the business is what makes the difference.

Even with our recent expansion into the New Zealand market, the transition was smooth and effective. I was mentored through all the setup of the business, which was followed by a successful and very profitable year.

Most importantly the culture and atmosphere are brilliant, working with people I can trust makes all the difference. There is no tolerance for unethical behaviour which leaves out all the cowboys out there. Working alongside my friends is just the cherry on top!

Daniel Shavin


Head Office
3-5 Sanders Place, Richmond VIC 3121

Phone: (03) 9017 0288

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